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Saphir / Otolift Parallel Gerade

The Parallel stairlift has been developed with great care and attention. This shows in its looks, functional ergonomics and the ultra thin rail, that blends perfectly in any interior.
Using high quality materials, the Parallel is the best solution for your straight stairs. The seat is compact without impacting on your comfort. The ultra thin track complements the appearance of your stairs nicely, and you see the mark of Otolift in the high quality and durable materials. The Parallel is a stairlift that has been built for daily use.


  • Ultra thin, elegantly styled rail
  • Blends in well in any interior
  • Compact design that takes up the minimum of space
  • Superior finish and high quality

Saphir / Otolift Parallel Straight Gallery

Saphir / Otolift Parallel Gerade
Saphir / Otolift Parallel Gerade
Saphir / Otolift Parallel Gerade

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