Denia is a small coastal city located on Spain’s Costa Blanca coastline. It is situated in the northern parts of the country in the Alicante province, and has a population of just over 41,000 which tends to double in the summer holiday months.

Denia has a long and interesting history with significant Islamic, Roman, Greek and Christian influences. One of the most interesting sites is Castillo de Denia (Castle of Denia) which is an ancient fortification of Muslim origin. Built in the 11th century, the castle is a defining feature of Denia’s skyline and heritage. It offers stunning views of the sea and city, and is open to tourists throughout the year.

In March of each year, the locals celebrate the bonfire festival where huge paper mache statues are paraded through the streets and then set on fire.

Denia has a Mediterranean climate which means the winters are fairly mild and the summers long and hot. This, along with the friendly local population, is why Denia remains a popular place for tourism as well as a place to retire.

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Denia Castle

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