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Stiltz Trio Lift

The Trio Lift was launched shortly after the Duo Lift but it still offers all the same great features and is quite simply – a bigger domestic lift. It has a deeper lift and a wider opening which allows extra space for the less mobile. The Trio’s larger footprint and capacity means it can carry up to three passengers and comfortably take a standard wheelchair. The Trio Lift is a hassle-free and cost-effective alternative to a stairlift that can often be obtrusive and undignified for the user.

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Technical specifications


  • Self-supporting structure – unique dual rail structure does not require load-bearing walls
  • Self-contained drive mechanism – no need for external power packs
  • Larger more versatile footprint of 1040mm wide by 1080mm deep
  • Plugs into normal 13 amp power socket – like all other household appliances
  • Versatile placement and fitting – our range of models can be positioned anywhere in the home
  • Quieter and faster than any other through-floor lift available
  • Optional extras available include cordless telephone, perch seat, grab rail, uninterruptible power supply and more.

Stiltz Trio Lift Gallery

Stiltz Trio Lift
Stiltz Trio Lift
Stiltz Trio Lift

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