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Platform / Vertical Lifts

If you use a wheelchair, a scooter or have difficulty walking, getting around can be challenging  – especially if you need access to higher levels such as a raised deck, porch or upper levels of your home. Even getting down to the basement can pose a problem.

Our vertical platform lifts are designed to provide ‘access for all’ and an easy alternative to the stairs for travel up to 12 metres. Four product ranges are available: Lowriser, our simple low rise step lift for wheelchair users; our standard wheelchair platform lift and our top-of-the-range cabin platform lifts. All Midilifts are supplied with their own structure-supported enclosure, which can be fitted with either steel or glass panels, or a combination of the two. Quick and easy to install, all our vertical platform lifts requires a minimum of builders work, making them extremely cost-effective access lifts.

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Platform / Vertical Lifts
Platform / Vertical Lifts
Platform / Vertical Lifts

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