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Stiltz Vista Lift

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The Vista Lift is our newest addition to the Stiltz Home Lifts range and was launched in 2012 as the first standing polycarbonate domestic lift on the market. It is made from structural polycarbonate and is modern and sleek in design. Because it is clear or neutral the Vista Lift fits into your home with minimal disruption to your home’s décor. It simply blends into the rest of the room – making it become part of the furniture. Contact us now for a tailored quotation.


  • All the benefits of the standard Duo lift plus so much more
  • Clear car body made from structural polycarbonate sheet
  • Innovative modern and sleek design
  • Minimal disruption to existing decor and furnishings
  • Blends into your home without any fuss
  • Allows for natural light to pass through it
  • Perfect for installing in front of an existing window.

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Stiltz Vista Lift
Stiltz Vista Lift
Stiltz Vista Lift

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