OTOLIFTYou want a stairlift. But who should you be approaching? This is the question that is asked the most by people who want a stairlift. There are so very many providers and everyone says that they are the best, cheapest and most reliable company…

Otolift, already established in 1891, has been manufacturing stairlifts for more than 40 years and has been the convincing market leader of the Netherlands for many years. At Otolift you are guaranteed of that additional bit of commitment as a family company that you miss at other companies. It is this extra trust that you are looking for when purchasing a stairlift.

Take a look at the history of our company, our craftsmanship and the experiences of real customers and users of our stairlifts. With Otolift, convince yourself of the fact that you have found a company that will not betray your confidence. More than 130,000 satisfied customers have already gone before you!